About Me

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My name is Summer Rose and I am a 21 year old self taught artist In Portland, Oregon. I have been passionate about art ever since I can remember. Most of my time growing up was spent drawing all over my notebooks and bedroom walls. Drawing became my outlet in life. There has always been something so magical about conveying how I feel through art, and seeing how people relate to the characters I've made. Whether they feel similar to that character's style, attitude or vibe, I'm happy to connect people to art. Each Angel (the characters I draw) are made for each and every person who feels drawn to them! There's nothing more pure in the world than bringing people together for the sake of art. My goal is to reach as many people as I can, in anyway that is meaningful to that individual... Even if they just like pretty stickers! I like to put my Angels on just about any type of product, to make life just a little more angelic!

Angel Incorporated is created and ran by just one artist, sending each package with love <3 


Angel Incorporated